Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's a drawing i did for my buddy Jon Lewis. He's the co-author of 
the GREY GRIFFINS book series. He's putting together an art book 
of all the creatures from the series. The one I chose is a snow demon
called a Tundra Troll. I thought it came out okay. I hope you dig it!


shane oakley said...

dig it lots! very impressed with the composition of the piece, that big open sky and the bold/strong pose of the troll - a beaut!

michaeljsmith said...

i truly enjoy stopping by each day to see what little gem you have to offer.

this might be one of my favorites

Craig Zablo said...

I dig it mucho.

Ryan Cody said...

That's great Andy, Jon should love it!

captain bothari said...

superbe !!!
j'adore !!!

Brian Churilla said...