Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here's a couple photos of me playing a set
of music at TRICKSTER last weekend.
I played an opening set for KIRBY KRACKLE,
and Mike Allred's band THE GEAR.
It was a great night all around!
Thanks to B. Clay Moore, and Scott Phillips for
posting these on facebook.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This weekend I'll be attending Comicon International in San Diego Ca.
I'll also be appearing at Trickster across the street from SDCC.
Trickster is a brand new alternative event started by
the incredible Scott Morse and some of his Pixar buddies.
I'll be doing a signing at Trickster on friday from 2pm to 4pm.
I'll also be playing a set of music there saturday night at 10pm
opening for a great band, Kirby Krackle.

Pictured above is a small part of the drawing I did for the
Trickster exclusive art book. I also made a
limited number (15) of prints of this piece.
The prints are 13"x 19" giclee's on watercolor paper.
I then painted on them one so each print is individual, and exclusive.
They will be available at the Trickster store starting Thursday.

Admission to Trickster is free.
If you're in San Diego stop by and say howdy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had a great time as a guest at Mythcon this weekend.
It's a show that celebrates fantasy in all forms, with a
specific focus on the works of JRR Tolkien, and CS Lewis.
Here's a drawing of Frodo Baggins I did at the show.
Thanks for looking.