Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here are some Fantastic Four sketch cards that i did for the charity organization 
HERO INITIATIVE. They help out former, and present day comics creators in need.
They are currently on EBAY auctioning a Hulk cover that i did. If you wish to bid, you can find it here. It's for a good cause. Have a great day!

FYI- For some reason blogger is reading the RED lines I drew as blue, and the BLUE lines printed on the boards as red.........so there's that.


John said...

Did you save the image CMYK instead of RGB? That can muck up the translation of colors some times.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cards, hehehe... but Why the blue border?

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, that used to happen to me when i posted colour images as CMYK. I post them as RGB now and it never happens.

Sweet cards by the way.


Brian Churilla said...

These look really, really awesome.


Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Kuhn:

My son has been trying to reach you. He is the artist that Billy Garberina told you about. We sent you some zipped folders of my son's work via email; I wonder if you received them?

Thank you,
Allison Crouch (for Arel Chamberlain)
Carlsbad, NM

Pablo Vaquero said...

Hello my name is Pablo Vaquero from Argentina and after vicit this blog and see what great artist you are like me to give me an opinions concerning my work

Jo√£o Edno "John" said...

Fantastic Four!
I liked very much!
Congratulations and Happy new year!