Thursday, February 19, 2009


                                                        Madison's dragon, Calypso

                                                                        My version

My buddies Jon Lewis and Derek Benz co-write a book series called GREY GRIFFINS. It's about a group of four friends in Minnesota who find a magic book that sets them on a path to adventure. The kids have to save the world from all sorts of creatures from mythology that turn out to be real. 
 Jon and Derek ran a contest on their website for their readers to create their own Bounder Faerie. The winner was Madison M. from Florida. Her prize was a drawing by yours truly of her Bounder Faerie, a water dragon called Calypso. 
 Congratulations Madison. You're a much better artist than I was at your age. Keep drawing!


Chris Samnee said...

That's really nice of ya, Andy. And a really nice drawing to boot:)

ANDY KUHN said...

no, you're nice, chris!