Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FIREBREATHER #1 cover roughs

Here are nine of the more than forty tries i did for the cover to issue #1.
Initially I was going for a more iconic, pinup style cover. these were all done during that stage. Phil Hester, and Erik Larsen both said they'd like to see a cover that had more story elements to it. I agree, I think they were both right. none of these made the cut, however, I do like a couple of them. Who knows, they might get used for something down the road.

I also put up a rough that Erik Larsen sent me as a suggestion for a different direction.
Although i like it, this idea was also not used. The colors were just to give me an idea of what all the shapes are and how they interact! Larsen is the greatest!!!

I'm trying to post at least every other day. So please come back, and bring a million of your friends with you! Stay great!

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Joel said...

Hey Andy! Glad you started a blog. I dig #5 and #7, the Larsen rough is cool. Keep it up I'll keep coming back.