Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hero Initiative

Anyone who knows me knows that The Hulk is my favorite Marvel character. If someone asks me to draw ol' greenskin (now ol' redskin) I am in hog heaven. So when i got the chance to draw The Hulk and help people in need at the same time, I jumped at the chance. Here's a cover sketch that i did recently for The Hero Initiative. T.H.I. is a charity that helps aging and infirm comic pros who may not have anywhere else to turn. It's an excellent organization and i encourage everyone to donate to them. A bunch of super talented comic artists and me each did covers for The Hulk #1. These will all be auctioned off and the proceeds will go towards helping comic pros who need a leg up to get back on their feet. Thanks for lookin'!


Anonymous said...

That's freaking sweet!

Anonymous said...


Ryan Cody said...

Nice Andy, I should post mine that I did.

Dave Harding said...

Crazy Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy!

Um... my dad (David? I had dinner with you and your ladyfriend once) gave me this link to your blog and was pretty much: HEY. TALK TO HIM, ALRIGHT? You remember the "cartoon guy", right?

So. This is me talking. ....... Yeah.

Rockin' picture by the way... I'm really fond of that contrast (the shadow). It really makes his face incredibly intense. It's weird seeing the Hulk in that shade, but you know, he's a good looking guy, he could pull of anything.

Your traditional stuff is pretty incredible, got any digital? Though, I was always more impressed by traditional stuff, personally.


ANDY KUHN said...


i remember you. thanks for the kind words about my work. maria and i had dinner with your dad and your brother this last week. i hope art school is treating you well. my one piece of advice would be to follow your heart. when i was in art school i did a lot of work to try and please the teachers rather than myself and it didn't work out well for anyone. i knew i wanted to be a cartoonist and my art school knew they wanted to beat the comics out of me. do what you feel!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! It's easier said than done... but I have been doing more things that I enjoy lately... or trying too.

Hopefully it will work out for the best, huh?

But you went to a regular art school before becoming a cartoonist? Did you major in fine arts or what...? And how the hell did that lead you back to comics and cartoons? Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the right place.

JMRinguet said...

Great freakin' Hulk. If only the book was drawn like that I would read it!

Red is cool but I prefer green.

rory said...

Sweet drawing, man!