Friday, March 14, 2008

Monster Pile-Up

Here's my part to the cover of Monster Pile-Up #1.
More about this book soon!


Skottie Young said...

Hey Andy,

Thanks for stopping by my spot and commenting. While the weather over there seems very tempting, I think that is still a little far from our families which are all here in the midwest. But, we're not ruling anything out.

I just got Fire Breather Vol. 1 in from Amazon yesterday as well. I really love your work and can't wait to see more on the title soon!


ANDY KUHN said...


thanks for the kind words about FIREBREATHER. the first issue of the new series comes out in may. i'm a huge fan of your work, and i'm eagerly awaiting your OZ adaptation.
i know what your saying about being too far from your families, but for me, the midwest is as close as the airport! stay awesome!

Dave Harding said...

Awesome pinup! Very cool. I can't wait to pick up Firebreather when it comes out!