Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here's a piece I recently finished for The Hero Initiative.
They're a very worthy charity that helps out 
former and current comics pros in need.
They will be auctioning this 
and a bunch of other Wolverine covers,
by a ton of amazing artists soon. 
Check their website for more details.

Also my hat is off to Ron Garney and Jason Aaron,
two supremely talented comics pros 
who are making a helluva funnybook!
If you haven't checked out 


Craig Zablo said...

Nice! I especially like how you're one of the few artists that get that Wolverine is short and bulky. Well done!

Jason Folkes said...

I want that!Wowzers Andy!!!

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks craig & folkes,

i don't know when HI is going to auction these drawings, i'd just keep checking their website.
at the very least next november, you'll be able to buy a book with all 100 covers in it.

Ryan Cody said...

I agree with Craig, you've got Wolvie nailed.