Monday, July 27, 2009


I had an awesome time in San Diego.
At one point I found myself crossing the street right next to Tiny Lister.
You probably know him as "Deebo" from the film Friday.
He was also the president in The Fifth Element.
Lots of other cool things happened,
and many people in costumes walked by our table.
Phil Hester and I got much love from the people at Cartoon Network.
We learned a lot of cool stuff that we can't talk about now.......but soon!
If you were there you know you had fun.
If you weren't there then maybe next year!
Back to the grind.

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BROCASSO said...

This Con was great (though i felt like i had been in a fight when i got back) It was great meeting you and I love the sketch book! I look forward to more heat from this blog.