Saturday, August 1, 2009


All apologies to anyone who regularly checks this blog.
I got back from San Diego, posted once and wham,
my computer decided to stop working.
Thankfully it was just a bad power supply.
The local Apple store hooked me up in fairly short order.

Here's a commission I did before Comicon.
Batman and Superman about to whup up on ya'.
Them's the Worlds Finest, baby!!!
Thanks for your patience, and thanks for looking!


Craig Zablo said...

Welcome back. Glad your 'puter is fixed.

What a great piece to return with! The big two done up right!

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks, mang.
good to know somebody stuck around. :)

Danny said...

Really like the addition of the gargoyles to the building as well, small touch that adds quite abit to the overall look of it.

Tomás said...

Hi Andy
A great world's finest team. I hope can see your version on a comic series of that characters.