Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I recently spent two days as a VIP extra on the set of the new Simon Pegg, Nick Frost movie PAUL.

The scenes I was involved in took place at COMIC-CON and their set designers did a freaking amazing

job of re-creating San Diego in the Albuquerque convention center.

Also on set were Image comics superstars Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Corey Walker, and Joe Keatinge.

The entire Image comics booth was set up exactly as it was four weeks ago at the real comic-con.

I can't really say much about the film except that it's a road picture that's bookened by

sequences at two consecutive year comic-cons. Simon and Nick's characters are uber-fans

who leave comic-con and have a cross-country road adventure culminating a year later at San Diego.

The entire process was fascinating, and tedious. I doubt I'd ever do it again, but it was fun to do it once.

I got to meet Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, Jeffrey Tambor and director Greg Matolla (superbad) briefly.

They were all exceptionally nice people for the short time that we spoke.

I'm a huge Pegg/Frost fan, so it was worth it to me just for that.

The film has a long post production period (10 months) so i doubt it

will be in theaters till late summer or fall of next year.

I think it's gonna be a pretty funny movie, mostly due to my breakout performance!

Watch for Andy Kuhns "PAUL" featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

in theaters in 2010!

Seacrest out!

ps. I also need to give a massive shout out to Clinton Trucks. He's a completely awesome dude.

During the shoot he was the funnybook professionals on set wrangler.

Without him our stay in Hollywoodland would have been much less interesting.

You go, Clint!


Craig Zablo said...

Very cool. Comic genius, singer in a rock band and now movie star [extra].

No wonder you are the man!

Alex said...

HOLE- EE SHIIIIT. That's freaking AWESOME. I'm extremely jealous, and that is extremely excellent.

Unknown said...

Awww stop it! You're making a brown boy blush over here. :-)

ANDY KUHN said...

blush on C-TRUCKS, blush on!!! :)