Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here's the drawing I did for the Batman art show last weekend.
It's "Bats" and "Jokes" facing off on an 18" x 24" sheet of foamcore.
The piece was done with india ink, tempra paint, and markers.
Thanks much to my buddy David Harrigan for taking the picture.
Thank you for looking!


michaeljsmith said...

love that Joker - plan to try and get a quick sketch out of you at Windy City Con... should be a good show

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks brik.
i'll see you there! :)

david gagnon's art show said...

amazing painting !!!

Meesimo said...

Awesome one

Tadalafil said...

The design is almost perfect, it's so difficult to find a mistake on it, however if you ask me I had changed the form of the Joker's nose... but the rest is genial.