Sunday, August 30, 2009


This was done last week at a local one day comic show.
I'm not sure what it is, or what it means.
Thanks for looking.


Craig Zablo said...

I don't know the character but I like what you did with him.

wolfboy said...

It means: You're a master of light sources, Andy Khun.

--how'd you do the dots??

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks craig & andy.

anj- i open the file in photoshop as a image/mode/grayscale.
using the pencil tool on a separate layer i drew the grey tone at 40% grey.
i then flatten the image and convert the file to image/mode/bitmap.
a window will pop up. in the METHOD menu scroll down to HALFTONE SCREEN.
a batch of options will present themselves.
this drawing was 24 dpi/45degrees/round dots
now go make some fake zipatone!!!! :)

andrew dimitt said...

Andy! hey brother:)
I'll be at the Windy convention on the 19th with Jim...Look'n forward to seeing you out there! I think I may even have a decent ashcan to give you by then:)
And yeah, that's a sweet zipatone effect ( he says, taking notes, opening photoshop )

ANDY KUHN said...


that's awesome. it'll be good to see you guys.
i hope you can stick around. after the show my band THE FUGLEES are playing the afterparty at a place called JOHN BARLEYCORN. it's about a mile from the convention. see you in chi-town! :)

Aaronphilby said...

i love that texture and composition and movement and...I guess just the whole thing then.