Friday, December 4, 2009


I did a signing last night as a part of the Nob Hill Shop & Stroll.
Had a great time signing and sketching through the cold.
I met upcoming comics superstar AARON CAMPBELL (good dude).
Who knew there were other comics pro's here in ABQ?
Here's a drawing of a big ogre I did at the signing.
Thanks for looking.


Craig Zablo said...

LOL. Love the look of mild irritation despite all the arrows sticking in him!

Oeming said...

That is sweet, Bro!

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks for the kind words.
the first issue of the new POWERS series was badass!
much love! :)

Jason Folkes said...

Merry Christmas,Andy! i hope you get all sortsa goodies under you tree,bud!
I don't expect to find anything under the tree as awesome as your sketchbook!!!Really can't thank you enough!
My internet isn't as cool without your blog updates!