Thursday, December 24, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'll try to do better in 2010.
My buddy Mike Oeming is drawing a comic story of The Fox.
This pulp style hero was created by Alex Toth for
Red Circle comics back in the 70s. Now he's being revived by DC.
I'm jazzed for Mike, and super jealous at the same time.
I thought I'd do my own drawing of The Fox just for fun.
Hope you dig it. Thanks for looking.
Happy Holidays everyone!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Dude, this is great!!


ANDY KUHN said...

thanks mike.
coming from you,
that's high praise indeed. :)

Craig Zablo said...

Oeming is a great choice for the comic, but you'd be as well. Love the piece showing your take on The Fox.

Meesimo said...

Looks great man!

Brandon Jerwa said...

VERY nice work, sir! I'm glad to see that Mike and I aren't the only ones with deep love for ol' Foxy.

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks brandon. i can't wait for your and mike's new fox stories. i'm sure they'll be awesome! if you ever need someone to draw more of the fox, and mike can't do it, hit me up! pleeeeeaaasse! :)

Brandon Jerwa said...

Duly noted, and thanks for the kind words. This is really a case of pure love - Mike and I had both asked specifically to work on The Fox, so it's been a real treat to have it come together this way.

I've already sent your blog link to our editor. You might have to arm-wrestle Mike if the opportunity for more Fox comes up, though...and that's a pretty dangerous proposition. ;)

ANDY KUHN said...

HA! if i arm-wrestled mike i'd never be able to draw again. :)