Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This week at COMIC TWART the character is The Rocketeer.
Here are a few of the rough drawings I did for my contribution.
Thanks for looking.


Jason Folkes said...

Damn,Ak even your rough sketches kick-ass...
Your Zorro from last week ruled and you top it with a Killer Rocketeer sketch...wow
You twarts don't mess around,Do ya?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Wow, dude.l.these are great! I love the final, but I kinda wish I could see you get busy on these too.

I love to see process stuff, so thanks!


Mike Exner III said...

The first one, especially, would make a really great piece to hang on your wall. I'd love to see that one done up. And I agree with Mr. Hawthorne - it's always cool to see the progression an artist undertakes. Thanks for showing these off!

Dan McDaid said...

I really dig the final one you went with, Andy, but that first one... Wow. Even as a rough, it's packed with mood and meaning.

Craig Zablo said...

They all have a ton of potential. It'll be cool to see which was given the nod.