Sunday, April 4, 2010


This weeks Comic-Twart is the pirate queen Belit
from Robert E. Howard's Conan stories.
Here's my initial rough which was too elaborate
for the time available. I did a second, simpler rough which i liked.
I've also posted the finished black & white drawing.
To see the finished color piece CLICK HERE.
Thanks for looking.


Paul Linsley said...

Hey man,
I love your art! I just spent the last hour checking out your blog. Can't wait to see more.

ANDY KUHN said...


thanks for the kind words. that's high praise indeed, coming from an art-ninja such as yourself! :)

Vanessa Luna said...

Saw your stuff on Twart, your Belit was one of my favorites! Planning on doing some digging at my local shop's back issues to find some of your stuff. Any suggestions on what I should read first?