Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's an album cover I did recently for my buds The Cocaine Wolves.
Their new album is called Royal Feast, and it RAWKS!!!
They are an awesome band. If you like AC-DC, you'll dig TCW.
Above is my original black & white line art. Below is the color version.
The colors are by the insanely talented John Rauch.
Thanks for looking!


Alex Hananel said...

Hhaha, wolves, viking garb, and pizza. This is a winning combination. Seriously. Bad ass inking job.

Also: My dad said to get in contact with you...? And send art in your general direction? Wanna fill me on this business? Like what sort of stuff you'd want to see and what it is you're looking for. This'd be all good stuff to know!

I didn't know a better way... or another way at all, really... to contact you, so hopefully this suffices!

RAWLS said...

That's great man, fantastic work! John did an awesome job on colours too!!

Jason Caskey said...

Dude, this cover rocks, and after sampling Cocaine Wolves via myspace I've got to know where I can buy this CD!

Jason Caskey

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks for the thumbs up, jason.
right now i'm not sure if it's available in CD form.
i know they printed a limited edition vinyl run, and i'm sure a CD is coming. i just don't know if it's available yet, or not.

Mr. Steak said...

Aw, crud, just now seeing this. The album is available on both CD and vinyl (w/free download card good for entire album on mp3) via our web store. Secure ordering via Paypal. Andy's work is FANTASTIC.

-Mr. Steak