Thursday, September 30, 2010


Big doins' here at FIREBREATHER central!
In case you didn't know, Cartoon Network has produced
a Firebreather movie for TV which will air on the
network in late fall. The art for this post is art
from the movie that CN gave away at Comic-Con.
The film was directed by animation legend
Peter Chung (aeon flux, the animatrix), who is a super-genius!
Phil and I saw an 80% finished version of the film at Comic-con,
and it's incredible. I knew the story and I still got caught up.
If you can't wait till late fall, and you're in the New York area
next weekend, come to the New York Comic-Con.
Sunday morning at NYCC Cartoon Network is going to screen the film.
This is the first time it's been seen anywhere, and I can't wait!
This movie will blow your face off!

The second big news is that new Firebreather comics are
on their way! Phil and I have been busy on the next part
of the Firebreather saga. It's a four issue story titled Holmgang,
and it will be out the first week of December.
The story picks up right where the last issue ended,
and it gets crazier every issue!

Please pick up the new Firebreather comic,
and watch the Firebreather movie.
If you're going to NYCC
please come to the screening sunday morning!

Watch this space for further developments!


Jason Folkes said...

Oh Hells Yeah! Congrats,really looking forward to the movie and the new series!

Alex said...

This is super excitinggggg.... I'm actually going to make some time to watch television. And make my roommates watch it. So, I can brag and say I know you. *laughs*

It'll be awesome! CAN'T WAIT!

Seth said...

I absolutely loved Firebreather & can't wait for more, in any format in any medium. Kudos to you & Phil!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Fantastic news all around!