Monday, October 18, 2010


I saw the first commercial for our cartoon on Friday.
It was cool to see it broadcast on an actual tv in my house.
Cartoon Network has posted a new FIREBREATHER movie trailer.
There's some pretty cool looking stuff in it. To see it CLICK HERE.
Hope you dig it.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! It looks completely awesome! LOVE FIREBREATHER! :D

Unknown said...

Looks really fun but where are his wings?
Seriously though it looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Firebreather Movie FB Page :) :!/pages/Firebreather-Movie/121609354567417?v=wall

Can't wait!! :D I agree with Steve Marshal though, where are his wings?

Thomas Perkins said...

Hey there! It was a blast to meet you at the Firebreather screening the other night. The film is a blast. I hope everyone digs it as much as I do.


ANDY KUHN said...

it was great to meet you too. you are hella-power talented, thomas! anyone reading this do yourself a favor and check out thomas perkins blog. it's at the link below, and it's badass!!!