Monday, April 25, 2011


Look out people, it's a dude with guns!
Thanks for looking!


Mike Sudduth said...

Awesome stuff as always. You gonna be at NC Comic Con again this year? (this is the random drunk black dude you hung out with last year, by the way)

Craig Zablo said...

Nice. You can never go wrong drawing a dude with guns... or chicks with guns for that matter.

Did you post that you're not going to be at Heroes this year?

ANDY KUHN said...

craig & mike,
thanks for the kind words about my work.

M- i'd love to come back to NC COMICON this year.
the impression i get is that they may not be able to afford to bring me out. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will change. we'll see what happens.

C- I love HEROES-CON, but as of right now, i doubt i'll be attending this year. sorry.