Saturday, June 11, 2011


My buddy Doug Tenapel is a genius cartoonist and graphic novelist.
You may have seen his books GHOSTOPOLIS, EARTHBOY JACOBUS,
or CREATURE TECH. He also created the video game
EARTHWORM JIM, and the Nickelodeon cartoon CATSCRATCH.
Now Doug is making a great online superhero strip called RATFIST.
He's posting a new page five days a week till it's complete.
Here's a little piece of Ratfist fan art that I drew.
I hope you dig it.
Love the Tenapel!!!


The Ghetto Jedi said...

the fact that the creators of two of the most unique characters that I have seen in American comics in QUITE some time are "buddies" doesn't surprise me at all.

To see Ratfist in your style is a treat, to say the least!

どおうもありがとございます you made my day :)

Percy Bysshe said...

Cool Ratfist!