Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's a weird little drawing I did. 
Not sure what it means. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

It reminds me of Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis, under Tad Williams and Shawn McManus.

michaeljsmith said...

I see this as a character for Firebreather for sure... maybe a cousin or lost brother from his dad's previous relationship with the Loch Ness Monster

Matt W. said...

Whatever it is, you've created a very cool visual with this Fish Elf piece, Andy. The trees and strange juxtaposition of fish in the sky is really eye-catching. I'm digging it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm EELING it.

Get it?

wolfboy said...

Loving your posts, man.

Owe you a ring a ding too.