Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here's a piece i did as a tryout for 
Wildstorms comic of the TV show Supernatural. 
I guess the shows producers didn't like my work,
but i thought it turned out okay.
Someday Hollywood will love me,
but by that time i'll be dating some other 
entertainment capitol!


Chris Samnee said...

That's awesome, sir! I totally woulda bought that! Thanks for sharing this.

michaeljsmith said...

great piece - hollywood might not love you but we do, now we want more work in print (Firebreather.. hint hint)

Anonymous said...

The producers of Supernatural can SUCK IT!

Unless they're hiring writers. Then their judgment is right on.

But otherwise hey can blow me. This is a sweet bit o' work!

Matt W. said...

Is this the same Hollywood that financed and distributed Mama Mia as a feature film in which Pierce Brosnan had a prominent singing role? I'd say that your "rejection" may, in fact, bode well for the quality of your work. Keep after it, sir!

wolfboy said...

Amazing. Great use of light source, man.

Greg said...

Oh badass! I love Supernatural!