Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here's a drawing of Marv from Frank Millers incredible
comic Sin City. This was also done at Drink & Draw night. 
It's the last D&D image, I promise. 
I just realized I had never posted their website.
To learn more about THE DRINK & DRAW SOCIAL CLUB
click the link. Have a lovely holiday!


Mark Kardwell said...

Looks like you kept the best 'til last, anyway.

Craig Zablo said...

I say, if you have more, keep 'em coming!

ANDY KUHN said...

unfortunately, the three best drawings i did that night got sold the next day at the show. in typical andy kuhn fashion, i didn't think to take a picture of them till after they were gone, so that's all i got! :)

AmpGeez said...

Hey. Big comic book fan and I've been asking around for advice on a project me and a friend have been working on since High School, but just decided to really start taking serious. We've created an expansive comic universe but after years of brainstorming and planning, it's grown so big we decided to scale it back and focus on one aspect of the universe to try and actually get it published. Neither of us are great artists and I was wondering how would you suggest we go about trying to meet an artist who can offer some help in terms of character designs. We've kinda hit a wall and I think actually seeing visual representations of the characters could provide some inspiration. Also, years of keeping our creations to ourselves, we've come to a point where we'd welcome a critique of our ideas. It would be refreshing to get an outside perspective to let us know if we're on the right track. I know you're a busy guy so I'd appreciate any input you can offer. My email is Hope to hear from you.


ANDY KUHN said...


i don't have time to do character designs for you.
you might try a website called
it's chock full of talented people on the verge of breaking into comics professionally. i know that robert kirkman has found several collaborators on that site.
stay strong!