Monday, May 11, 2009


When I first started reading comics in the middle seventies
one of the most interesting characters in the books I bought
wasn't a superhero. It was the guy in this ad, Count Dante'.  
The self proclaimed "Deadliest Man Alive" and his 
Black Dragon Fighting Society always fascinated me. 
I don't know if he was a real guy.  I assume he wasn't.
For me there was a certain mystique to this cheesy ad 
that's still there to this day. 
Below is my version of the deadly Count.....BOOOOYAAAH!!!!
Thanks for looking!

After posting this yesterday, I came across THIS WEBSITE.
A man named Floyd Webb is making a documentary about Count Dante' (who apparently WAS a real guy).  
If you're interested check it out, it's fascinating stuff! 


michaeljsmith said...

nice - he looks like he could provide back-up for Shaft... watch your mouth

robbo said...

If Count Dante is still alive today he's long since ceded the title of "Deadliest Man Alive" to one F. Andrew Kuhn.

ANDY KUHN said...

i don't know rob.
i bet that dude is one badass
drunk old man!!! :)

Craig Zablo said...

LOL! You tapped into a memory that was deep in the recesses. Excellent post and sketch!

wolfboy said...

Oh man; let's do a book about this guy!

Chris Bowden said...

Apparently he was a real guy - if you believe the wikipedia article:

Scott Edelman said...

Check this out for a spoof of that ad:

That's me, back when I worked at Marvel.

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks for the wiki link. fascinating stuff.

ANDY KUHN said...


thanks for the link. that's great!


floyd webb said...

Hi, thanks for getting in touch and posting my website.

Yeah, Dante was real. More real than even HE wanted to be I think. I really like the sketch. We are working on a book about the making of the film. I am working with Bob Calhoun , who wrote Blood, Beer and Cornmeal: 7 years of incredibly Strange Wrestling. He has a Count Dante tribute band.

You can also see the fireworks from old ass martial artist who were trying to stop me from doing the film at Bullshidoyou can also checkout my blog about Dante