Friday, March 6, 2009


Batman Beyond is one of my favorite cartoons ever.
It's a really smart re-imagining of the Batman mythos.
Here's a drawing I did recently of Bruce Timms' slick simple design.
Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

that is an awesome that background...amazing

Anonymous said...

Oh! Frickin' YES. I loved Batman Beyond and still do. I really miss it too. Ah well.

This is a really cool drawing, though. Great pose. Love what you did with the background. It looks frickin' sweet.

Greg said...

Terry McG is THE MAN! I freakin' love this show, never get tired of rewatching an episode. It was awesome seeing someone dress up as Terry's Batman at the NYCC this year.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I stumbled upon your site here during a Batman Beyond search and I saw your drawing - REALLY nice! I have the distinct pleasure of admiring the cartoon series so much that I made my own costume for last year's Halloween party on a vacation cruise I was on. Lets just say that I took 1st prize! Here are some pics of me in my costume: Then I even took a bigger chance to expose my design to the past New York Comicon at The Javis Center in Manhattan in expectation to see fans' reaction. Lets just say from there, I got OVERWHELMED with picture requests and compliments galour: So I thank Tim Grimm for his creation and Greg, that guy was ME, FYI! ;-)

Anonymous said...

And another article posted about my costume:
Wish I can relive that weekend again(so much other poses I wanted to do)! >:-)