Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's official, I get to write and draw a story 
for HEAVY METAL magazine! Admit it, 
you think that's awesome too! 
It's gonna be co-written by my buddy Andy Suriano. 
He's the artistic genius behind the amazing 
Image comic Charlatan Ball. 
The story is about a badass female bounty hunter in space 
named Balboa Blackacre. Above is the tryout piece that 
got me the job. It won't be out till september or october,
so for now, all you can do is enjoy this drawring.
Thanks for looking.


Mark Kardwell said...

This looks great, though I haven't bought HEAVY METAL since, uh, the '80s.

The Groovy Agent said...

I haven't bought an ish of HM since the 80s, either--but it looks like I'll be buying one in the fall. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Cool, man. I picked up an issue of Heavy Metal last year, so I guess I'm ahead of the Kuhn curve.

michaeljsmith said...

congrats - that pic above it pretty darn sweet

Matt W. said...

Congratulations, Andy! Inclusion of your character/story in such an influential medium is a real feather in your cap and will potentially introduce your talented vision to a whole new audience.

Skottie Young said...

That's great Andy. I've loving all your recent posts. The art just keeps blowing me away. Great stuff!

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks for the kind words everyone. truth be told it's been a couple of years since i bought an issue of heavy metal myself. i can still remember buying the first issue at the news stand waaaayyyy back in the day. it's not the same magazine now that it was back then. for me it's quite a benchmark just to have my name in HEAVY METAL magazine! smile! :)

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks much scottiie. comments like those coming from a super-genius such as yourself warms my ink stained fingers!

Craig Zablo said...

Congrats! Gotta love a character with the name Balboa, right?

Howard Shum said...

Very cool, Andy!

Sean Galloway said...

Dude... that is just AWESOME!!!!
Congrats, lil buddy!

Chris Samnee said...

That's great news, and a fantastic piece.

Goodonya, Andy!