Sunday, March 22, 2009


A while ago I did breakdowns for my buddy, 
genius artist, Kieron Dwyer on SHADOWPACT #20.  
I wasn't credited in the issue because I was hired by Kieron and not DC comics.  He was very booked up and needed some help to bring the book in on time.
Here are some of my breakdowns from that issue.
If you're interested in finding more work by Kieron Dwyer
I highly recommend XXX ZOMBIES. It's a great story done in extremely poor taste!
Thanks for looking.


Trinity said...

I'm no artist so I am a little confused about breakdowns. I am assuming that means after you have rough drawn the issue, the other artist uses it to draw the issue.

Do artists do this alot?

Craig Zablo said...

Nice breakdowns.

I love your description of XXXombies. "A great story done in extremely poor taste" sums it up exactly!

ANDY KUHN said...


generally the term breakdowns refers to the step in which the artist chooses what the shots are going to be in each panel, and each page. usually these are done with simple ball and tube type drawings. my breakdowns for kieron went a little above and beyond that. i gave him fairly tight drawings including spotted blacks. i knew he was under a tight deadline so i figured the more information he had, the better. in some cases he used my layouts verbatim, and in others he completely changed them. however, the fact that he wasn't starting from a blank page made it quicker for him overall.