Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is the drawing I did for this years Heroes-Con program book.
It's my favorite badass from old 70s comic book ads COUNT DANTE'.
I realize this is only cool to me, and two other old dudes, but I like it!
See ya' when i get back from Charlotte.
Stay strong!


michaeljsmith said...

crap when did i become an old dude because i think that is great - i would love to get a hold of that picture

ANDY KUHN said...


if you're really interested, this piece is going into the HEROES-CON charity auction. maybe you know someone who is going to the show that could bid on it for you.

h. said...

Bad @$$

shane oakley said...

POW! one helluva eye-blacking, drop-kicking pic.
that guy always intrigued me the same, i even wrote him into a comic strip as a secret agent. and that drawn on widow's peak fooled me for years. what, you didn't know?

ANDY KUHN said...

shane and howard,

thanks for the high fives! :)

Doctor Fantastic said...

Andy, it was great to see you in Charlotte! I'm down with the Count too.

ANDY KUHN said...


it was great to see you too.
you're one of the good ones! :)