Friday, June 5, 2009


I am somebody!!! 
In the latest installment of his semi-regular 
Keith lists 50 reasons he's still glad to be doing comics. 
At the end of the article he gives a list of 
10 Talents Deserving Wider Recognition. 
He lists me at number one. Here's what Keith had to say.

ANDY KUHN. This one really perplexes me. 
I mean, he's good. Really, really good, and 
there's not an assignment goes by that I don't invoke his name.

Excuse me ... I'm getting a little choked up right now.
Thanks Keith. You're one of the good ones!
The art for today is a pinup I did for the book Common Foe.
which was written by Keith, and my buddy Shannon Denton.
The book was originally supposed to be drawn by me,
but that's a whole other story! See you in the funny pages.


mattcrap said...

now that's totally cool

michaeljsmith said...

you inspire us all ;-)

Jason Folkes said...

Your one of my favorite artists... I know it doesn't pay the bills but i hope it worth something!!!

Can't wait to meet you at Heroes Con. I hope to get a sketch cover and some barf bags from you...

wolfboy said...

EXACTLY!! I've felt the same for years; though I'm no Kieth Giffen. I'd buy a hell of a lot more books if you were drawing them, Andy.

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks for the kind words everyone ( especially Kieth Giffen)! see you at HEROES-CON, folkes! :)

h. said...

!!! Giffen is god !!!

Andy you the most