Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm doing a wolverine piece for the good people at
HERO INITIATIVE.  I haven't exactly figured out 
what style I'm gonna use for the drawing.
Here's one possibility.
Thanks for looking!


mattcrap said...

i think this looks sweet- but i also think we need an extended arm firing into Wolvie's chest down in that left corner to explain the splatter

Craig Zablo said...

You continue to impress!!

BROCASSO said...

Very exciting.

What medium is this?

Craig Zablo said...

Do you have a sketchbook for sale at Heroes? If so, details, please!

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks all.

- brocasso- it's just markers on glossy cardstock.
the red is done with a sharpie poster
paint marker.

-craig- i am going to put a sketch book together,
but i won't have it available by heroes-con.

joe ackerman said...

andy, I feel like I gotta apologise for not being as aware of your stuff as I should be. sir, you are the bollocks ( that's a good thing where I come from, mate, honest! ).