Monday, June 29, 2009


Hitting stores this wednesday (7/1) is a reprint of our 
original four issue mini series titled Growing Pains. 
This is combined with the sixty page one shot The Iron Saint.
Both of these stories have been out of print for quite some time. 
Phil and I are super jazzed to be able to make them available again.
There are new pages in The Iron Saint story, 
as well as a new Iron Saint sketchbook.
Please tell all your friends, and buy twelve copies! 


Brian Churilla said...

ALL over it.

Unknown said...

But what about more singles ?

ANDY KUHN said...


all apologies. i've had to take other work to pay bills.
firebreather was not really making us any money. i am slowly making more firebreather, but it's prolly gonna be a little bit before a new issue hits. sorry. :(


Sean Galloway said...

tighter than a pair of undies!

Ryan Cody said...

My kids will be ecstatic.