Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here's a sketch I did recently. 
I've been playing around with dual lighting effects.
It's a very dramatic look when it's done well.
I tend to forget to use it, 
which is why I've been practicing it.
Keep it realz people!


mattcrap said...

dude- i REALLY dig this.
I like this flavor of stuff that you've been posting every now and again. PLEASE keep it up.

here's some hue on it KUHNface

ANDY KUHN said...

Thanks so much. that's looking mighty slick there mister Crap....if that is your real name! :)

h. said...

I once dual lit the shit out of an apple. it was the most bad ass apple i ever drew.

much love

ANDY KUHN said...


my guess is that was the most badass apple ANYONE ever drew!!!! much love back atcha', slick! :)