Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here's the first drawing I did at Heroes-Con.
It was early friday and I woke up approximately 
an hour and a half after I finished this.
Did i mention how awesome Heroes-Con was!
Stay cool, people.

* After posting this I realized how close it is to my
   last posted drawing.....DOH! 
   I did other drawings while I was there too.
   Please believe me.  :(


Craig Zablo said...

That's cool and different enough from your last post that you shouldn't think twice.

ANDY KUHN said...

thanks craig.
if you ever get a chance
please send me a scan
of the drawing i did for you.
i'd love to post it. :)

Jason Folkes said...

Damn that is one sexy Ravager.
Absolute plesure to meet you at Heroes!

Brian Churilla said...

Great iconic image. I think that's what I dig about your art the most. Things look iconic.

I'm curious, did you intend to leave out the black in the rocks?

ANDY KUHN said...

folkes-great to meet you as well. stay awesome!

brian-initially i was going to fill in the black on the rocks, but after filling in the blacks on RAVAGER i decided i liked it better without. i think more black on the rocks would have made the black on her seem less intense. that's my hindsight explanation anyway. at the time i just thought "this looks done".

Dan said...
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